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24th February 2012

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Evan and I adopted Gracie Belle - a terrier mix/mutt - from A Forever Home last Sunday. She is nine weeks old (as of yesterday) and has only had one accident in the house since she started doing her business outside. After two days with us, Gracie stopped whinning at night and crying when we put her in her crate or pen. She is also a monster but incredibly intelligent. I feel like the proudest parent in the whole world.

Yesterday, Evan and I took Gracie to the vet for her initial check up and a couple of immunization shots. She weighs a whopping 3.6 pounds and is healthy as any puppy can be.

Gracie is attached to Evan and me as if we were covered in puppy treats. When I walk outside, she follows so closely at my heels, it makes me nervous that I’ll kick her as I step. The vet - Dr. Lydia Megremis - said that we should start leaving Gracie completely alone (in addition to when she’s in her crate at night) for at least an hour a day. This will help ease her anxiety as she matures so she doesn’t get separation anxiety down the line. I don’t think Dr. Megremis realized that I’m the one they should be concered about when it comes to separation anxiety.

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